Direct Connection to your Network Using your Existing LAN!

The KWJ-WSN Ethernet gateway allows your KWJ-WSN Wireless Sensors to communicate with the KWJ-WSN Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Notification System without the need for a PC. Simply plug this device into any open network port with internet connection and it will automatically connect with our online servers. This is the perfect solution for commercial locations where there is an active internet connection.

With the graphical KWJ-WSN software, you can easily configure your network, view collected sensor data and set alarms through SMS or e-mail, all from any web enabled browser. The system allows for complete configuration and customization at a sensor, local network, or client wide level.

KWJ’s Ethernet gateway is specifically designed to respond to the increasing market need for global technology that accommodates a variety of vertical M2M application segments and remote wireless sensor management solutions.

The gateway is available in global frequencies of 900, 868 or 433MHz. Enjoy reliable, low cost, wireless monitoring of your facilities or specific applications, with KWJ-WSN wireless sensor networks.

KWJ-WSN Ethernet Gateway Features

Supports multiple RF technologies including 900, 868 and 433MHz sensor solutions
Plug & Sense, no hassle set-up
No PC required for operation
Remote software upgrade capability
Local status LEDs with transmission and
online status indicators
16,000 sensor message memory
On-line heart-beat control
Power outage notification
AC power supply or Power-Over-Ethernet


Commercial Facilities Monitoring
Industrial Facilities Monitoring
Property Management
Data Center Monitoring
Convenience Store Monitoring

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