Even more Flexibility. Doubles your Effective Communication Range!

The KWJ-WSN Wireless Range Extenders allow you to extend the coverage area (range) of your wireless sensor network by relaying data between your wireless sensors and the wireless gateway.

Principle of Operation

On power up, the range extender will locate a wireless gateway that has the “best” signal available. The device then auto-configures itself to communicate and link with this gateway. After linking with the parent gateway, the range extender then establishes itself as a sub-network with it’s own dedicated channel to the gateway, relieving congestion from multi-sensor networks.

As data is generated in the range extender’s sub-network, it will intelligently store and forward this information to its parent gateway. This conserves battery power on the wireless sensors, increases network reliability, and intelligently manages network traffic to avoid cluttering.

When a KWJ-WSN wireless sensor is locating a network, it will search for the “best” wireless signal. If the best signal is a range extender, the sensor will auto-configure itself to link with the range extender (no user intervention required). A range extender will permit a wireless sensor to link if one of the following conditions is met:

The range extender already knows the wireless sensor and permits linking.
The range extender confirms the wireless sensor’s permissions from its parent

KWJ-WSN Wireless Range Extender Features

Extends the coverage area of your wireless sensor network.
Supports 6 messages / minute.
Built in memory can queue up to 30,000 messages for delivery to the gateway.
AC powered, so no batteries needed.


Facilities / Building Operations
Property Management
Warehouse Monitoring
Hotel / Motel Monitoring
Food Chain Monitoring
Restaurants / Food Services
Convenience Stores
Asset Management
Agriculture and Greenhouses

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