Download your Quick Start Guides and Data Sheet here!

In order to properly sign up for an account in the KWJ-WSN Online system, and register your sensors and gateways to your network, you will need to download BOTH the Quick Start Guide for your specific gateway, and the data sheet for each type of sensor you have. The Quick Start guide will aid in setting up your online account, registering your sensors and gateways, and setting up your alert schedule. The data sheet contains valuable information specific to the type of sensor you have including operating limitations, installation suggestions, and important safety information.

Quick Start Guides

USB Gateway Quick Start Guide
Ethernet Gateway Quick Start Guide
Dual Band Cellular Gateway Quick Start Guide
Quad Band Cellular Gateway Quick Start Guide
Serial MODBUS Gateway Quick Start Guide

Sensor Module Data Sheets

KWJ-WSN-CO (Coin cell battery sensor module) Data Sheet
KWJ-WSN-CO-AA (AA battery sensor module) Data Sheet
KWJ-WSN-CO-IND (Industrial sensor module) Data Sheet

Accessories User Guides

Range Extender User Guide

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